Structural Baseplate Solutions

Baseplate design and installation

Faster and safer steel-to-concrete connections

Finding the best solution for steel-to-concrete connections such as beam or column baseplates can be challenging. Hardware, software and service solutions from Hilti can help save you time during both design and installation without compromising on quality and safety. By partnering with us, you’ll also help reduce the risk of costly rework and lengthy inspections while enjoying expert support in finding the right solution — no matter how complex the job.

Design steel-to-concrete connections as a whole

Save time on design

Design steel-to-concrete connections as a whole

Baseplate design can be difficult and time-consuming. It takes place at the intersection of steel, anchor, and concrete design and all relevant guidelines have to be considered. At the same time, nonlinear behavior and rigidity of the structure have to be taken into account. However, with the Hilti PROFIS Engineering Suite you can design a complete baseplate up to five time faster than using traditional methods. Optimizing steel-to-concrete connections up front can also help you cut material costs and reduce installation time on the jobsite.

Faster, safer, dust free drilling

Work faster with Safeset

Enjoy faster, safer and virtually-dust free drilling

Speed up drilling with powerful cordless SDS-Plus rotary hammers. Add a Hilti vacuum cleaner and hollow drill bit for safer, virtually dust-free drilling and eradicate the need for hole cleaning – this helps you to speed up your work and reduce errors. Working with heavily reinforced concrete? Try a diamond drill. The DD 30-W is up to five times faster than hammer drilling and cuts through rebar up to 35mm. It doesn’t rely on a mains water supply, either – the portable DD-WMS 100 gives you a full day of water autonomy.

HIT-HY 170 Mortar

The right chemical anchor

Adhesives for even the toughest conditions

No matter what your on-site conditions, we have the right chemical anchor system. After drilling holes using our SafeSet technology, simply inject HIT-HY 200 – R V3 mortar and install the anchor rod. Alternately, when you use a HIT-Z anchor rod with HIT-HY 200 – R V3, you can skip hole cleaning altogether. If you face challenges such as very deep embedment depths, or water-filled or diamond-cored holes, choose HIT-RE 500. To help with planning and prevent waste, the Hilti Volume Calculator app helps work out the ideal mortar dosage. To further boost productivity and cut costs use the HDE 500-A22 mortar dispenser. 

HUS3 Screw Anchors

The right mechanical anchor

Increased productivity and enhanced safety

Simplify mechanical anchor selection by choosing from as few as three solutions. HST3 stud anchors deliver unmatched performance for everyday situations and can be quickly and safely installed using the Hilti Adaptive Torque system. Enjoy faster and easier installation with HUS3 concrete screw anchors — ideal for cases where you need to install a lot of anchors, they are fully adjustable and offer nice head finishing for when aesthetics count. If large diameters and high shear resistance are required, consider HSL4 heavy-duty wedge anchors. 

Order a pull-out test

Expert onsite testing

Get test data on your fasteners or base material

Our trained and experienced engineers can perform pull-out tests of your fasteners to help verify that your engineered design standards are met. Testing is tailored to your requirements with regularly calibrated equipment and can be carried out during the design phase to check the resistance of a base material, or after installation as proof loading of the anchor installations is carried out. You will receive a comprehensive technical report. Still need more help? We also offer baseplate engineering training to help find the best solution for your needs.

Take control of your inventory

What equipment do you have? Who’s using it and where? Do your tools need maintenance or calibration? Is it to time to renew training or certification? Quickly get all this critical information and more in close to real time with ON!Track, Hilti’s equipment management system for the construction industry.

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How Hilti engineers can help

Partner with Hilti to benefit from expert support through all stages of the project lifecycle from design to installation to building management. We offer everything from specialist advice and accredited training to on-site testing and engineering judgements to help ensure you find the approved solutions you need.

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