ON!Track Asset Management


Hilti ON!Track: the complete, professional, cloud-based asset management solution

These Problems slow you down?

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These problems slow you down:

  • Expired Certifications
  • Lapsed Maintenance
  • Broken tools
  • Missing assets

They cost you money, be it fines, lost hours, or duplicated purchases. How often do you encounter them? Weekly? Daily? Hourly?

Managing hundreds, if not thousands of assets across multiple job sites is not easy. A lot of systems utilized in the field today are no more advanced than a whiteboard, filing cabinet, or maybe a spreadsheet.

Partner with Hilti and let us lead you into the digital age. Our specially trained field team members will visit your jobsites and offices and build a solution suited to your asset management needs. Leaving you the time to take take care of business.



ON!Track Asset Management gives you complete clarity into what assets you have, where they are, who is using them, and when they’ll need maintenance. With this critical information at your fingertips you can efficiently get your assets where they need to be — keeping your jobs on track and profitable. 


90 hours

spent searching
On average, 90 hours a month are spent searching for assets across construction sites.

65 %

difficulties with tracking
65 per cent of customers have trouble keeping track of required certificates and maintenance dates.

3,000 KWD

wasted every year
On average, 6 assets are lost every month, potentially adding up to 3,000 KWD a year.

How Hilti's Asset Management Works

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ON!Track, our total asset management system solution (service, software, hardware) helps solve the question of “Where is my stuff?” and “Who is responsible for it?”. Our specially trained field team members will visit your work sites to craft and implement a solution tailored to your asset management needs.

  • Hardware: barcode and tags
  • Software: cloud-based and free smartphone app (iOS and Android). With unlimited users.
  • Service: Onsite consultation, asset tagging, onsite training, data upload, complete with best in class customer support

What It Tracks

ON!Track is designed to manage all your assets, regardless of brand or manufacturer, and includes more than just tools. 

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Why Hilti

ON!Track is designed specifically for construction professionals. Our durable hardware withstands tough jobsite conditions, and our easy to use mobile app and computer dashboard are quickly learned. More importantly, we tag all your assets and upload the information into the system so you are ready to go on day one. Our best in class U.S. based customer service is then there to answer any questions that arise along the way.


Hilti ON!Track asset management
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Consulting and analysing the current situation

For companies, it’s a major decision to introduce a new system for managing equipment. Hilti supports you throughout the process and even after the system’s introduction. To start, we carry out a comprehensive analysis of your business processes and existing equipment.

Hilti ON!Track asset management
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Developing a tailor-made solution

You decide which employees should be authorised to register and process equipment in the system. Together with you our software team adapt your ON!Track account to your individual business needs.

Hilti ON!Track asset management
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Implementing ON!Track at your company

The Hilti implementation team helps you with the tagging of all your equipment with robust barcoded tags built for the construction industry and then register them to your system. The cloud-based solution does not need to be installed on your computer. After logging in, the data can be immediately accessed at any time via a web browser and is always up to date. Thanks to our user-friendly smart-phone app, which you simply install on your mobile device, you can also retrieve all necessary information on-the-go.

Hilti ON!Track asset management
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Training your employees

Hilti ON!Track Field Specialists conduct a comprehensive training session so that you and your employees learn all the functions of the ON!Track web and mobile app, and how to use them best.

Hilti ON!Track asset management
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Let’s get started!

You can now start working with ON!Track. For your business, this means: more efficient and transparent processes, lower costs and a better overview of where your equipment is located. You’ll also receive reliable information on which tools are in use or being repaired. With accurate data, you’ll be able to optimise their workload.

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