ON!Track Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is RFID?
A. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless way of transferring data for the purpose of automatically identifying tags attached to objects. Unlike barcodes, tags do not need to be within line of sight of a reader to be identified.

Q. Is ON!Track based on GPS?

A. ON!Track is transaction-based, not GPS-based. You can transfer your assets to any location or responsible employee set up in your personalised ON!Track System. This allows you to maintain and monitor ownership of your assets. ON!Track Smart Tags are Passive RFID Tags, which mean they don't need their own power source. This robust and cost effective tag type is small enough to be applied to any kind of asset.

Q. Why can't we have a GPS-based solution?
A. GPS-based system may not necessarily provide exact ownership details of your assets. You may not get the exact location of your assets (if assets are left in the basement or across multiple floors in a building without ownership for example). A GPS-based system would also require that the tags have their own power supply. This would make the tags much more expensive, and also much larger (making them unsuitable for certain tools and assets).


Q. Where will my data be stored?
A. The data is stored in the server located in Western Europe

Q. Who owns my asset data?
A. It is your data and we don't have access to any specific data.

Q. Can Hilti see my asset data? Will I start receiving sales leads from Hilti once I've signed up to ON!Track?
A. No, we don’t have access to any customer specific data. We ensure the handling of the contract data conforms to data protection guidelines as set by the EU (a data protection standard that was developed by the European Commission). We create an admin-level account at the beginning of your contract to help with setup and implementation, but delete this account once we handover your ON!Track Account.


Q. What is RFID?
A. Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Q. Can I scan through the case with Hilti RFID scanner?

A. It depends on the position of the RFID antenna. We recommend to open the case when several tagged assets are all in one case (e.g. tool, battery and charger)

Q. I cannot scan assets in the shelves with Hilti RFID scanner. Why?
A. The metal of the shelves detunes the signal of RFID tags, making it difficult to scan assets.

Q. I cannot scan the battery with Hilti RFID scanner. Why?
A. Batteries detune the signal of RFID tags. We recommend to use the T50-M tag for metallic assets.

Q. I cannot scan the assets with Hilti RFID scanner when they are wet. Why?

A. Metal and liquids detune the signal of RFID tags. We recommend to scan the asset when it is dry or in a dry surrounding.

Q. Can I use the metal tag T50-M on all my assets including both metal and non-metal assets?
A. Yes, the T50-M tag can be used for both metal and non-metal assets.

Q. Can I use a 3rd party RFID-Scanner?
A. We don’t recommend, but it is possible. The reader should be able to detect frequencies between 800MHz and 1Ghz.

Q. Hilti RFID scanner isn’t working
A. Please make sure that both batteries of the scanner and the RFID module are fully charged (at least 8 hours)


Q. What is the term of the contract? When does the contract end?
A. It is a monthly contract without any end date

Q. Can I opt out?
A. Yes. You can cancel the software subscription contract anytime with two-month notice

Q. When does the invoice start?
A. The invoice will start on the 1st day of the following month

Q. What would happen if I exceed the threshold of the asset bucket?
A. Our customer service team will contact you to discuss the status and change the asset bucket from the following month accordingly

Q. Can I change the term from monthly to yearly?

A. Please contact our customer service team.

System requirements

Application Software Compatible OS Compatible Browser Minimum Network Speed/Type Minimum Data Plan* Minimum RAM Minimum Disk Space
Web Application n/a

Internet Explorer >=9

Google Chrome >=25

512 kbit/s 3G on laptop/tablet 1 GB/month 1 GB 350 MB (to run browser)
Smartphone App Android 4.0 and above n/a 3G and above 500 MB/month 500 MB 100 MB

*dependant on usage

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