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Important Notice

Ordering online is currently unavailable

Due to the current upgrade of our system, ordering online is unavailable at the moment.

All systems are operational again as of Monday, November 26th.

If you would like us to call you back after the upgrade to place your order, please fill in the Call Me Back form.

How can we assist when you cannot order?

Customer Service

Customer Service

You can reach Customers Service as usual during our regular service hours. Our team is available to answer any enquires and take orders that can only be entered in our system as of Monday November 26.  

CALL 1844-855 or your local customer service representative.  



Your local Hilti Store will be open during this time. 

Website and App

Website and App

You are still able to find product information and download documents on the Hilti Website. Please note that you cannot login into your account during this period.

The Hilti Mobile App is offline.

Sales Rep Icon

Sales Representative

You can reach your local Sales Representative as usual during our regular service hours.

Need a call back?

We will get back to you on Monday, November 26th

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