Hilti Innovations Win Top Design Awards

Hilti Innovations Win Top Design Awards

Schaan (FL), June 20, 2022 – This year, the iF and the Red Dot juries honored four new Hilti products for design quality and degree of innovation. No less than two of them emerged as Red Dot "Best of the Best" category winners.

The top spot for the latest generation of the TE 3000-AVR jackhammer is no coincidence, as it marks a technical and ergonomic breakthrough: Compared to its predecessor, the performance level has been increased by 40 percent, weight has been reduced by 3 kg and vibration levels have been cut by 10 percent. As a result, the all-electric tool achieves a performance level of 45-kg jackhammers, but is around a third lighter and free of CO2 emissions. The decoupled handles, combined with vibration damping in the housing, ensure comfortable handling and better health protection.

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The second Red Dot category winner is the DX 6 fully automatic fastening tool. The new control system brings significant advances in terms of productivity and intuitive operation. The precise power setting enables a much wider field of application using one cartridge class as well as more uniform and accurate fastenings on concrete, sandstone, masonry or steel. The package is rounded off with integrated networking to tool data, operating instructions and services.

The iF and Red Dot seals of quality were also awarded to the DSW 1510-CA diamond wire saw and the AG 4S-A22 cordless angle grinder. The diamond wire saw is mainly used for larger structural adjustments. In such demanding applications, safety and ease of operation are paramount. Hilti meets this demand with an "all-in-one" drive unit, including automatic wire tensioning and cut steering as well as a wireless remote control. Safe working was also the focus during the development of the AG 4S-A22 cordless angle grinder. These tools should remain easy to operate and comfortable to operate, even when used in a wide variety of positions for extended periods. Ergonomics have been improved with the slimmed-down handle, without sharp edges, and the balanced arrangement of the mechanical components. Hilti's Active Torque Control (ATC) system stops the tool body from spinning uncontrolledly if the disc jams.

The iF and Red Dot product design competition juries evaluate the entries primarily on design and ergonomics, degree of innovation, and product quality and functionality.

TE 3000-AVR
DX 6
DSW 1510-CA
AG 4S-A22

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