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Features & Applications

Autofeed unit DD AF-CA 220-480V #2082528
  • Unmatched productivity with fully automated drilling process
  • Automatic surface detection, water management, hole starting, iron boost and through-hole detection
  • Intelligent algorithm for immediate reaction to any change in the characteristics of the concrete or masonry
  • Applies optimum power during the drilling process, resulting in extended equipment lifetime and faster drilling progress
  • No exposure to vibration – for greater operating safety and higher working comfort
  • Serial drilling of through-holes and penetrations
  • Corner holes for sawing
  • Large diameters and deep-hole drilling
  • Stitch coring for installing cable trays
  • Drilling where access to the hole is difficult

Technical Data

Autofeed unit DD AF-CA 220-480V #2082528

Documents & Videos

Autofeed unit DD AF-CA 220-480V #2082528

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