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Features & Applications

  • Low-profile design for easier access to tight spaces
  • Cutting with low noise and low debris
  • Designed for precise cutting
  • Glass-fibre reinforced casing – up to four times more resistant to damage from dropping and twice as resistant to extreme temperatures than standard ABS plastic
  • Built-in LED light provides a shadow-free view of the cutting area
  • Cutting metal installation channels and pipes with reduced sparking and low noise
  • Cutting plastic pipes
  • Cutting threaded rods
  • Cutting 1" and 2" EMT pipes
  • Cutting 1 5/8" MQ channels


Lifetime Service
Lifetime Service

No costs whatsoever for up to 2 years from date of purchase.

  • No repair costs for 2 years from date of purchase, including parts subject to wear and tear, shipping and labour
  • After the no-cost period, repair costs are capped for as long as we service the tool
  • 3-month no-repair-cost period again after every repair
  • Materials and workmanship warranty over the entire life of the tool
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SB 4-A22

SB 4-A22 Cordless band saw

The band saw SB 4-A22 works in tight spots with ease and cuts through a range of materials

Engineered for precision cuts, the SB 4-A22 Cordless Band Saw offers superior performance even in tight spots. Its compact size, LED light and low noise coupled with its impact resistance and capacity for low debris, make for a durable and strong cordless band saw that offers maximum productivity.

The Hilti SB 4-A22 Cordless Band Saw’s spark-free performance makes it suitable for cutting a number of materials, including metal profiles, threaded rods, plastic pipes, metal pipes, and rebar.

Built for a Range of Applications

Cutting metal rods

Cutting metal rods

With its bi-metal blades, this bad saw cuts through non-ferrous metal, steel and cast iron making it ideal for both rough and fast and fine and smooth cutting. 

Trimming metal profiles

Trimming metal profiles

The light weight, variable speed control and high-performance blades all combine to make this saw ideal for cut outs in metal sheets and cutting profiles and channels to length.

Cutting plastic

Cutting plastic

Ergonomic design lets you cut precise openings or trim in applications including vertical and overhead cuts. 

Engineered for Precision and Power

Designed for versatility

The impact-resistant, glass-fiber reinforced tool and battery casings are durable in extreme applications, and its compact size helps you stay productive when working in tight spaces.

Low noise operation

The SB 4-A22 Cordless Band Saw gets the job done. Cuts are performed with low noise and minimal debris while the ultra-bright LED provides a shadow-free view of the cutting line.

Maximizes band saw cuts

The SB 4-A22 Cordless Band Saw cuts are faster, finer and more versatile. Try the 10/14 TPI for faster cutting of metal or PVC pipe. The 14/18 TPI provides versatility to cut different geometries and materials like channel, unistrut, rod and pipe. For finer and smoother cuts on threaded rods, 24 TPI can be used.

Suitable for a broad range of materials

Cutting metal profiles

Metal profiles

Cutting threaded rods

Threaded rods

Cutting plastic pipes

Plastic pipes

Cutting metal pipes

Metal pipes

Cutting rebar


Band Saw Accessories

Saw blade cover for the SB 4-A22 band saw

Cover SB

Band saw blade cover

Shop band saw cover
Rafter holder for the SB 4-A22 band saw

Rafter Holder SB

Band saw rafter holder

Shop band saw rafter holder
SBB metal band saw blade for the SB 4-A22 band saw

SBB Metal band saw blade

Premium band saw blades designed for quick and cold cutting of steel pipes and tubes

Shop band saw blade
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