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Features & Applications

  • Easier hybrid/epoxy adhesive anchor injection – even at low temperatures
  • Precise control – dose adjustment knob for accurate, controlled adhesive dispensing
  • Minimised wastage – use the Hilti Volume Calculator App to find out the ideal dosage setting based on your specific mortar, anchor, embedment depth and drilling diameter
  • Minimised interruptions – you can dispense up to 100x 500 ml foil packs on a single charge
  • Minimised downtime – fast, easy foil pack loading
  • Injection of Hilti HIT adhesive mortar for fastening anchor rods and rebar in concrete and masonry
  • No need for an external power source
  • For use together with a 500 ml black or red cartridge holder
  • Serial fastenings and/or injection in deep drilled holes


Lifetime Service
Lifetime Service

No costs whatsoever for up to 2 years from date of purchase.

  • No repair costs for 2 years from date of purchase, including parts subject to wear and tear, shipping and labour
  • After the no-cost period, repair costs are capped for as long as we service the tool
  • 3-month no-repair-cost period again after every repair
  • Materials and workmanship warranty over the entire life of the tool
  • Pick-up and delivery service
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HDE 500-A22

Chemical anchor dispenser

Reducing waste and increasing efficiency

Here at Hilti, we believe installing chemical anchors should be simpler and more cost effective.

Our HDE 500-A22 cordless adhesive mortar dispenser helps to inject the right amount of anchor at the push of a button, cutting expensive waste and increasing installer comfort. Achieve the accuracy you need, while using up to 30% less adhesive than you would with a manual dispenser.  

One dispenser for all your Hilti adhesive needs

One dispenser for all your Hilti adhesive needs

Adhesive anchors come in many different types and sizes depending on the application. To simplify the installation process, Hilti's HDE 500-A22 smart cordless dispenser is compatible with all of our core chemical anchors so you don’t have to buy additional dispensers you don’t need.

Making installation easy

Leave all-day trigger pulling in the past

With conventional manual dispensers, the chemical is injected by pulling a trigger. Over time, this can be very tiresome and cause jobsite fatigue. With Hilti’s smart cordless chemical dispenser, all you need to do is hold down the trigger and let go when you have injected enough adhesive. No more pulling a trigger over and over!

No more dripping adhesive

The HDE 500-A22 will also automatically back off when you are done dispensing, which keeps additional adhesive from dripping out of the nozzle when you are done. This saves you even more money by helping to prevent wasted adhesive mortar. 

Use our smart calculations app

The Hilti volume calculator app helps you work out exactly how much adhesive mortar you need, and the dosing wheel delivers the precise volume required. The combined result of using both the calculator and the smart cordless dispenser is up to 30% less wastage.

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