Extra-high performance, low weight.

The new TE 6-A36 rotary hammer forms part of Hilti’s powerful 36 volt cordless tool platform. With this tool of the latest generation, our engineers have once again set the bar even higher. Even more power, but with even less weight. Drilling performance that you can normally expect only from a corded tool. This TE 6-A36 of the latest generation now also has a chiseling function – for even greater versatility. 

  • The fastest in its class
  • Almost as light as a corded tool
  • Also suitable for highly demanding repetitive drilling work
  • New D-grip for perfect balance 

Together with Hilti TE-CX drill bits, the TE 6-A36 is a great team player, providing the utmost performance even in hard concrete. Thanks to its brushless motor and intelligent control electronics, the TE 6-A36 maintains consistently high drilling speed at all times. It even takes rebars in its stride, losing little time when you need to drill straight through.


Try the TE 6-A36 for yourself!


The new TE 6-A36 rotary hammer is ideal for applications that demand great flexibility, because this cordless tool gets the job done faster and more reliably than a corded tool – while providing comparable performance. This comes as no surprise, because the TE 6-A36 has the best performance-to-weight ratio of all tools in its class.

  • Powerful, brushless motor
  • New, optimized hammering mechanism
  • Chiseling function
  • AVR active vibration reduction
  • Bright LED light
  • Optional DRS-6-A dust removal system

You have high demands – the TE 6-A36 meets them

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Do you want a tool that provides extra-high performance? Maybe you need to rely on the tool, day after day, even under exceptionally hard use? Or, of course, health and safety considerations are at the top of your list of priorities? Maximum productivity and cost-efficiency are also a must?


Then the TE 6-A36 is the tool for you. Featuring a new hammering mechanism, it’s not only the fastest in its class, the new chiseling function also gives it extra versatility. And, thanks to its low weight, this new cordless rotary hammer is a pleasure to work with – all day long, if necessary. Its AVR active vibration reduction system and optional dust removal system are vital features for the health and safety of the operator. Maximum productivity is thus guaranteed, making the TE 6-A36 an investment that pays for itself in no time.

Which battery capacity should I choose – 2.6 AH or 5.2 Ah?

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It all depends! The compact battery with a capacity of 2.6 Ah is ideal for jobs on ceilings or other overhead work, on concrete as well as masonry. With this battery, the TE 6-A36 weighs only 3.7 kg.

When it comes to repetitive drilling work at floor level, setting anchors for formwork bracing, for example, then the 5.2 Ah battery is the right choice. Our on-site tests with customers using this tool have shown that it can drill up to 70 holes (12 mm x 200 mm) in concrete on a single battery charge.

No matter which battery you choose for the job on hand, you can rest assured that Hilti battery technology always gives you maximum performance – providing a solution that makes your daily work so much easier.



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