Hilti PROFIS Anchor – fixing base plates and handrails

Hilti PROFIS Anchor software

Hilti PROFIS Anchor designs a wide range of applications for anchoring in concrete and masonry.

Wide range of applications

Hilti PROFIS Anchor includes SOFA – our own Hilti design method, which can safely design complex configurations that are not included in international codes.

You can also design according to a wide range of international codes – to design projects based all over the world. These codes include Europe (ETAG), the United States (ACI), Canada (CSA), Australia (SA:TS 101) and Russia (STO).

Speed up and simplify your design process

Hilti PROFIS Anchor speeds up calculations, importing and processing multiple load cases simultaneously. You can also automatically select layouts and base plates.

Add 60 years of Hilti expertise to your own

Hilti PROFIS Anchor is based on more than 60 years of our Hilti research and development into anchor fixings including chemical and mechanical fasteners.



Design methods

  • Design applications outside of international codes using our SOFA Hilti design method.
  • Design anchoring in concrete according to European (ETAG), American (ACI), Canadian (CSA), Australian (SA:TS 101) and Russian (STO) codes.
  • Design anchoring in masonry – use our comprehensive masonry design module to calculate fixing resistance in masonry based on ETAG 029 Annex C.

Design features

  • Import from MS Excel and process multiple load cases simultaneously
  • Automatically select optimum anchor configurations and minimum base plate sizes using our PROFIS Geometry Adjustment feature
  • Designs fixings for handrails and anchoring according to local regulations
  • Create your own templates for design input parameters
  • Output - create specification text and reports with calculation proofs and installation information


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